complete care and support

Regent Guardians provides a single service of complete care and support.

The service is based around three key areas which supplement the school’s responsibility:

Care and Safeguarding

Academic Support

Administrative Management

Everything we do is underpinned by the principle that we are acting ‘in loco parentis’ – we provide the care for a child that a parent would do if they were in the same country.

care and safeguarding

From the moment your child arrives in the UK, we will support them, offering pastoral support and genuine care. We build a positive, open relationship that allows for the sharing of needs and concerns. This allows us to communicate these where required to the school, or to their host family.

Visits every 2 weeks and messaging more frequently than this.

24-hour on-call response for medical emergencies, family crises, suspension or exclusion from school, or any other emergency needs.

Host families are usually the same each time, allowing your child to develop trust, familiarity, and a warm relationship with them.

Full police and government checks are undertaken on host families.

We train host families, and inspect the home thoroughly and regularly.

We build strong lines of communication with the school to enable a quick and efficient response to any needs.

academic support

Our guardians support the academic side of school life by independently overseeing progress. We are here to communicate progress to parents, and to organise any additional support from which your child could benefit.

A written progress report is provided half-termly.

Academic mentoring through liaison with your child’s teachers, sourcing private tuition where required, and helping you access holiday courses if they are beneficial.

Advice regarding your child’s next school, college, university, and career path, depending upon which stage of education they’re at.

Organising and accompanying on school or university visits where required.

Attendance at school parents’ meetings and other events such as sports matches, dance or drama performances, debates or music concerts, if desired.

administrative management

Alongside care and support, we are able to help with the logistical issues of living away from home such as travel, accommodation, medical, and dental care.

Management of travel needs in the UK, liaising with the school and booking public transport tickets or taxis for airport transfers, host family stays, weekend visits, or any other journeys.

Liaising with you over planning international flights at the start and end of terms, including help with unaccompanied minor services if needed.

Help with purchasing school uniform, school equipment, mobile phones, or SIM cards.

Help with registering with health providers, banks, police, or any other official bodies, including signing all necessary documentation on behalf of parents.