Regent Guardians looks after international students attending boarding school in the UK as if they were our own children.

Part of what we do is to find welcoming and caring host families for our students for short periods of time, for example at the start and end of terms, for occasional weekends, periods of work experience or for half term holidays.

Our host families create a lasting and enriching relationship with a young person from another country.

A family can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They may have young or school aged children of their own; they may be an older couple whose children have left home; they may be single. But they will all have been fully checked and trained by us so that they feel confident in offering a supportive home from home to each child.

We always match the host family and the student individually as part of the outstanding service we offer and we try to use the same host family each time that the student needs to stay away from school, so that host and child build up a strong positive relationship. We will always be on call to support the host family as well as the student.

Find out more by reading our Host Family Handbook and if you are interested in becoming one of our host families please contact us and/or fill in the Host Family Application Form and we shall get back to you.